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WHITE TIGER offers quality specialized educational workshops on alternative real estate ownership and wealth building strategies in the new economy.  Few other investments have the potential to BOTH secure home ownership and significantly increase wealth.

These educational opportunities are for those interested in real estate and to be in a supportive and interactive learning environment and meet other like minded people.  Your role as a participant is to be present, open to possibilities and people during the workshop.

We believe knowledge is power, experience is wealth, and action is winning. Take action and invest in your education for your return on investment — register today:


WHITE TIGER TEAM EXPANSION PROGRAM.  Turning your dreams into reality.  Are you a seasoned business professional with real estate experience and entrepreneurial spirit; seeking an intriguing new opportunity in a new economy to grow your own business and elevate your income to the next level? WHITE TIGER is expanding into other cities in the Bay Area and other parts of California.  We are inviting financially qualified, driven evanglelist professionals who would like to take their career and talents to the next stage and lead your A team and drive it into the future of the shared economy. WHITE TIGER is offering certain individuals a lucrative opportunity to acquire a license and receive specialized training to execute our unique Fast Track Condo Conversion Program™ — a proven, step-by-step program for transforming multi-unit buildings and TICs into condominiums. If you are interested, please contact Jen Chan at (415) 236-2426 or


For inquiries please call: 415-236-2426 or email: