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A condo conversion is a form of real estate development, and like other real estate investments it offers the opportunity to increase your wealth and financial independence. Few other investments have the potential to both secure your own home and significantly increase your wealth in a relatively short period of time. A condo conversion essentially offers built-in equity, with the potential for increased value in the future. 

Many Bay Area residents enter the housing market through rentals. In San Francisco, shared home ownership via TICs, or Tenants-in-Common, is an important first step toward the dream of owning your own home. The next step, converting to an individual condo home, can make that dream a reality and secure your future. We Turn TICS Into Condos™.

Here are some of the benefits and advantages of condo conversion:

  • Multiply the value of your property and equity
  • Increase your income and purchasing power
  • Leverage your financial resources 
  • Create more flexibility, tax options, and liquidity
  • Mitigate risk and protect your assets
  • Own an autonomous property, unencumbered by other owners
  • Secure your financial future and create a nest egg for retirement
  • Create a valuable asset you can share with, pass down to other family members, or as a legacy

If any of these benefits appeal to you, take the next step. Call WHITE TIGER today to reserve a complimentary consultation.

Like other forms of real estate investment, a condo conversion is not without some calculated risk. But by diversifying a property you already own into individually-owned units, you are reducing your risk and increasing your comfort level. Conversion also make sense for investors purchasing a new property because diversifying the property into individually-owned units reduces risk and leverages your asset.

With the skilled professionals of WHITE TIGER by your side, a conversion can be achieved with minimal risk and greater assurance of maximizing your investment.



Many owners have lost benefits and lucrative opportunities because they delayed converting their property out of concern they didn't have sufficient time, money, know-how to complete the process or how to start.  WHITE TIGER will evaluate your current situation and goals to help you make the best decision for your particular situation. We will help you weigh your options, answer your questions, and determine the best strategy to achieve your goals.

WHITE TIGER will guide you through the condo conversion jungle from start to finish.


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