Undertaking a complex process like a condo conversion without a skilled professional and a business plan to guide you is like flying a plane without a licensed pilot or a flight plan



WHITE TIGER will help you strategize, navigate and execute the complex process of condo conversion from beginning to end. Here are some of the value-added services WHITE TIGER provides:

  • Anticipate potential pitfalls, obstacles, and delays
  • Streamline the process to accelerate the project
  • Access real-time data to ensure the project is executed in a precise and timely fashion
  • Communicate clearly and honestly with clients, team members, local authorities, and other stakeholders 

WHITE TIGER will lead you through the condo conversion jungle with minimal work from you. Here are the key steps in our comprehensive service:


The first step for anyone considering a condo conversion is to request a complimentary consultation with WHITE TIGER Creator and President, Jen Chan. Jen will provide an overview of the process and discuss your particular project. What are you hoping to achieve in the short term and over the longer term? What is the potential increase in value of your property? Do you want to live in your property, lease it out, or sell it after the conversion is completed? Have you thought about your retirement and your successors? Jen will address any questions or concerns you might have and identify possible next steps.


We will assess the feasibility of your project with a site visit and walkthrough of your building and units. We will discuss the local approval process, required documents, local market conditions, and other factors. Once we determine that your property is a good candidate for conversion, we can proceed to the next step.


We will discuss the details of a condo conversion and strategize about the best options available to you. What are the potential costs and benefits of a conversion? What is your likely return on investment? What are the long- and short-term advantages? There are countless options — we give you the flexibility to plot your own course.

If you agree to proceed, we will discuss our proprietary Fast Track Condo Conversion™ program and enter into a comprehensive agreement to complete your condo conversion. 


We will create a customized business and financial plan for each phase of the conversion. These will include the stages, cost estimates, resource and financial strategy, and risk assessment. We will discuss our due diligence process, team selection, and project tracking and monitoring system. We will choose the appropriate professionals from our network of reputable associates to execute the project.

We will prepare a detailed conversion plan that lays out the project, step by step. It will specify milestones and goals, describing why, how, and when they should be met. This, in essence, is the Master Plan of your conversion. Through careful planning and deployment of our sophisticated project management system we will keep your project on track and on budget.


In this final step, we bring together all the pieces of the Master Plan. We make sure all tasks are executed and all city, county, and state regulations are met. We continuously monitor quality, risks, schedule, costs, regulatory compliance, and overall project status. Close attention is paid to the service and quality of deliverables from the entire team of professionals and contractors. We will ensure all necessary local signoffs are executed. And, finally, we will provide post-conversion advice on continuing obligations, such as state and local regulations, HOA requirements, refinancing, insurance, and other matters.

WHITE TIGER will guide you, step by step, through the condo conversion jungle successfully to the other side.


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